Bike Parts

It may come as a surprise to no one that I like niche bike parts, generally the more niche the better, provided it still has a use.

In my travels through the bike trade, I come across companies who make some amazing product but no one has ever heard of them, even if you ride a bike made by them for one of those cool big sticker brands.

I am now going to slowly collect these parts here and let you have a chance to buy stuff that is a bit weird and a bit out there. It may also be slightly more expensive than a Trek but it will be way cooler.

If you have any questions, use the big “Ask Me Anything” tab up the top, I can even tell you where to buy the best coffee in the world.

Titanium single speed frame
Titanium Single Speed Frame
sultry bike co titanium headset
Classic Titanium Aheadset


sultry bike co Titanium seatpost
27.2 Titanium Seatpost